Unique solutions for the construction industry

Composite is ideally suited for use in a number of applications in the construction sector. Current applications for composite in the construction sector include for canopies, roof elements, cladding and ceiling elements. We regularly work with designers, architects and contractors to devise high quality, unique solutions to meet their requirements. Due to its high strength, low weight and the design freedom it offers, composite opens up possibilities and applications you may not initially have thought possible. Not only this, composite is sustainable and maintenance-free.

Experience in producing custom-made solutions

We provide custom-made products for all our customers, whether it’s a complete product including fabrication and installation, concept development or engineering of your composite solution, Advantage Composite BV will be happy to assist you, including with advice on materials, performing strength calculations or producing 2D or 3D drawings.

Advantage Composite BV can also act as your partner for every aspect of project management. We provide for a clear, practical plan, map risks, progress and results, ensure the whole process runs smoothly and bring innovation and sustainability to your project. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and to request a quotation.