Composite gives architects design freedom

More and more architects are discovering the beneficial characteristics of composite and choosing to produce their designs in composite. Composite is the ideal choice of material in architecture: it can be shaped in any way giving architects a high degree of design freedom. Advantage Composite BV is one of the experts in custom-made applications for composite in (road and hydraulic engineering) construction.

We can assist you during your project in a number of ways, and have expertise in house to help you with concept development, the engineering of your design and can also assist with working up the details.

Fabrication and project management with Advantage

If you already have a design with drawings, Advantage Composite BV can assist with managing the production process. We can also take on every aspect of project management for the construction process. We provide for a clear, practical plan, map risks, progress and results, ensure the whole process runs smoothly and bring innovation and sustainability to your project. All our products are custom-made with individual attention to detail.

Composite combined with wood and steel

Composite is easy to use in combination with other materials, such as wood and steel, helping to simplify the construction process and opening up possibilities and applications you may not initially have thought possible. Composite is ideal for use where traditional materials cannot be applied.

Composite is also extremely hard-wearing and has low maintenance costs since it is weatherproof and waterproof, and has high chemical resistance. Composite is characterised by its high strength, load bearing capacity, rigidity, low weight and insulating properties and is very conductive. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and to request a no-obligation quotation.