Sustainable material ideal for use in industry

Composite is ideally suited for use as a material in industry. The characteristics of composite are such that it is well-suited to use in industrial applications. Current examples of applications include covers for machinery and housings. Composite is ideally suited for use in combination with steel and wood.

In particular, its high strength, rigidity, low weight, as well as its insulating and non-conducting properties make the material the ideal choice. Composite can be shaped in any way making it easy to work with.

All our composite solutions have a low environmental impact and are maintenance-free. We provide custom-made products for all our customers, whether it’s a complete product including fabrication and installation, concept development or engineering of your composite solution. Advantage Composite BV will be happy to assist you, including with advice on materials, performing strength calculations or producing 2D or 3D drawings. Please contact us for further information and to request a quotation.