1. Composite edge elements on Leeuwarden aqueduct

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Composite edge elements on Leeuwarden aqueduct.

Drachtsterweg Aqueduct in Leeuwarden: free passage for vehicles and boats.
The city of Leeuwarden currently has a major drive towards accessibility and for this reason has set up the multi-faceted Vrij Baan [free passage] project. The aim is for forty projects in the provincial capital of Friesland to bring about a more accessible city. A key aspect of the project is that it does not only consider road vehicles: in true Friesland style, water also plays a significant role. One of the larger projects is the Drachtsterweg and environs project, in which road and water come together in a unique solution.

This project was awarded to Heijmans Civiel who developed a plan in which the road runs largely underground. One of the waterways it crosses is the Van Harinxma Canal. The Drachtsterweg will be routed under the canal with an aqueduct. The aqueduct will have 2×2 lanes and a wide cycle lane and footpath on the west side. A hire-boat route will be created at the location of the current Drachtsterbrug to allow not just for goods transport by water but also tourism amenity.

Advantage Composite is supplying composite edge elements to finish the aqueduct. As well as providing an attractive finish to the aqueduct on the sliproads, they also contribute to sustainability since composite is a low-maintenance material. Composite also has a low carbon footprint. The aqueduct is one of the most striking parts of the Drachtsterweg project, and is currently under construction.