Composite materials in civil engineering

Composite elements are increasingly being used in the civil engineering sector. There’s good reason for this since composite can be moulded into any shape, is strong, lightweight and requires no maintenance. Examples include bridge decks, railings, edge elements, 100% composite bridges, sheet piling, 3D concrete formwork, revetments, friction girders and scaffolding.

Composite offers a high degree of design freedom: Advantage regularly works in conjunction with architects to realise their ideas. Through our know-how and experience with this sustainable product we can help contractors and architects to produce special designs and solutions, in particular where more traditional materials, such as concrete and steel, cannot be applied.

Custom-made products with low environmental impact

All our composite solutions have a low environmental impact and are maintenance-free. We provide custom-made products for all our customers, whether it’s a complete product including fabrication and installation, concept development or engineering of your composite solution.

Advantage Composite BV will be happy to assist you, including with advice on materials, performing strength calculations or producing 2D or 3D drawings.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements and to request a quotation.